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Welcome to the website of the 23rd Street Studio, one of the largest and oldest private figure drawing studios in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are located in the City of San Francisco's Noe Valley district. For more than 32 years we have provided a quality space for Bay Area artists interested in life drawing.

The 23rd Street Figure Drawing Studio is well established, well equipped and well run. It is a clean, warm, and comfortable environment, known for consistently having the very best models available.

We offer both figure drawing classes with instruction and non-instructional drawing groups with live models.


A new term will begin towards the end of July / beginning of August.

There is still space available 

If you are Interested in the groups with instruction it is strongly recommended that you arrange a time to come by the studio and disciuss the class to make sure it is a good fit with what you may be looking for.

This class is very different than most drawing classes. It uses drawing as a laboratory to explore, and better understand the nature  of perception, with the idea of helping remove creative blocks.

                                        Covid Policy

All participants will be required to show proof of Covid vaccination and wear a KN95 mask (or better) while they are at the studio.

Please calll or email if you have any questions, would like to enrioll, or be added to the lists to be notified about drop-in availability.

415 824-3408



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