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How do I find out about space for drop-ins?

At the beginning of each week, usually on Sunday afternoon, I send out a mass email letting people know what spaces are available in the coming week for make-ups or drop-ins. 
People interested in these should get back to me as soon as possible as there are over 100 people on this list. You must receive a response confirming there is space for you. Otherwise, assume there is not.

In addition to these email notices the 23rd Street Studio website each week will post on it's Calendar Page available space for drop-ins. A link to this page is at the bottom of our home page. I will try and update this area as much as possible.

Between the time the email is sent, or the Calendar Page is updated and when a particular figure drawing class or session is held, there may be more cancellations that occur opening up new spaces. 
Accordingly, please feel free to email or call anytime before a group starts to see if more space has become available.

If you would like to receive Sunday emails about upcoming space please email the studio at: and request to be added to the list.

What is the cost and how do I pay for drop-ins?

The three hour non-instructional figure drawing groups cost $19

The figure drawing classes with instruction cost $27       

All prices include the cost of the model. (There is always a model.) There is no tax. You may pay by cash or check. 

What if I schedule a drop-in and can't attend?

When you schedule a drop-in you are taking up a space someone else would likely have used (and paid for). If you do not cancel a minimum of 24 hours before the start of the group you will be expected to cover the cost of the space, whether you are able to use it or not.



What do I need to bring?

Generally people bring whatever materials they want to work with. Some are available here. Newsprint is for sale (20 sheets for $1.00) and there is a free box with an assortment of broken charcoal and pastels, erasers and pencils that you are welcome to fish from. There is a large assortment of drawing boards that can be used while you are here, and the studio is well equipped with tables, easels, and drawing horses.

Are oil paints allowed?

Sorry, no. Oil paints, turps, etc (even odorless turps) are not permitted.
You may use acrylics, watercolor, ink, charcoal, pastels (including oil pastels), etc. You may even work on small clay sculpture if you can do so without getting in other peoples' way.

What is the policy regarding MUSIC?

Generally music is played while the models pose. Usually the models pick the music. There is a large and eclectic collection of over 1000 CD's and an exceptionally good sound system. The music is changed with each twenty minute segment.
People are encouraged to bring interesting music to share with the group but private ipods, smart phones, etc are not welcome.
(People in other studios have been caught using their smart phones to surreptitiously take photos of the models without their knowledge or consent. Because of this, no smart phones are allowed to be out while the model is posing.)

What is the policy regarding coming late, or missed sessions?

It is okay to come late, or leave early  just try not to disturb the people drawing when you come or go.

There is a MAKE-UP POLICY regarding missed sessions (or classes).
As long as you give a minimum of 24 hours notice you can schedule a make-up for any figure drawing session or class you need to miss. This is, of course, dependent upon space being available. You do not have to do a make-up the same week as your absence, (and in fact, may do them in advance) but you do need to do them during the same term. They will not carry over into future terms, nor are they transferrable to other individuals.
If you can not give a full 24 hour notice of the need to miss a group, you will not be able to schedule a make-up in advance. However, whatever notice you do give will be reciprocated. If you give an hour notice, you can call an hour before any group during that term, and if a space is available you are welcome to use it. If you give ten minutes notice, you can call ten minutes before any class, etc. 



How are the models' poses structured?

In the three hour non-instructional figure drawing groups, the models pose in twenty-minute segments with five-minute breaks in between. The first segment is always devoted to short gestures, one and two minutes long. The next set is usually three 7 minute poses, followed by two 10 minute poses, followed by a 20-minute pose. Then we take a long break, where there is a longstanding tradition of serving tea, lemonade, and homemade pastry. There is no charge for this. After the long break there is usually about one hour left, and generally, we will vote whether to do one or two poses in the remaining time.

In the four-hour Long Pose life drawing session on Tuesday mornings we begin with twenty minutes of gestures, followed by two 10 minute poses, and then usually go into the long pose which will continue till the end of the session (about three hours minus breaks for the model and the long break.)

In the teaching figure drawing classes, the posing is less structured and generally involves much shorter poses as the first half of the course is focused on gesture and shifting the paradigm of mark making.

What are your models like and how are they chosen?

The 23rd Street Studio has a well-deserved reputation for having the best models. I am very careful to preserve this reputation. Figure drawing is my first love as an artist. I am fully aware how important the model is to this process. The difference between a great model and a mediocre, let alone a bad model, is like night and day.
While I strive for variety in terms of age, sex, and body type, I am not willing to sacrifice quality just for the sake of variety.
At the moment I would say the ratio of female to male models is about 7 to 3.

How does a model get to work at the studio?

The models are chosen from an audition process we hold two or three times a year. Usually, we audition 9-12 models. Each poses individually in front of a group of artists from the different groups at the studio. In general, we wind up choosing between one and four of these to try for a full session.
If you are a life drawing model and would like to be put on the list of people to notify for the next audition please email the studio with your contact information.



What if I have no drawing experience?

Generally this can be more of an advantage than a disadvantage.
This approach is so radically different that prior techniques often present a hindrance. 

Will this course help me draw more accurately?

Maybe. Maybe not. 
That is not the short term aim of the instruction. 

Many people think that if they could master some technique then they can be creative with it. I think for most people this is a fallacy.. Millions know how to play the piano. Few play it with passion and artistry. Even less are able to compose music or improvise music.

The blocks to creativity are not absence of technique in a specific area (here drawing) but the same issues that block people  from being creative in other (often more important) areas of their lives. These are largely psychological blocks, and set ways of reacting that are both disconnecting and non-responsive. These issues need to be addressed directly apart from acquiring some facility with your medium.

This course attempts to do this.What you know is not of much use if you are unable to creatively make use of it. If the fundamental issues are not addressed, technique tends to become just a heavier anchor holding one back, and locking one in to inherently fixed and non-creative reactions.



How is parking in that neighborhood?

Not bad. There is a school that takes up most of the next block and so there is a bit more parking available than in other areas. For the evening classes it is generally easier to find parking before 6:15 when people start getting home from work. During the day please note that both 23rd Street and Chattanooga Street are now zoned to allow only two hour parking without a permit, If you park on this street you must move your car off whatever number block you park on before two hours pass or you risk being ticketed. Just moving elsewhere within that same numbered block (say the 200 block of Chattanooga), even across the street, will not satisfy the meter maids.That being said, there is often many spaces to easily shift to.


If you have any other questions or wish to arrange to visit the studio, do a drop-in or register for the coming term please email at:       


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