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 DROP-IN SPACE avalaible this coming week:

(Always call or e-mail to request a spot.)

August 18th - 22nd



Monday    morning       (9:30 -12:30)    Tullee is the model.    2     spaces available
Monday    evening        (6:30 -  9:30)   Tulee the model.         4     spaces available
Wednesday   eve.         (6:30 -  9:30)   Signe is the model      4     spaces available                                                                   


Instructional classes:

Sunday                   (2:00-5:00)        -     please call for more info
Tuesday                 (6:30- 9:30)        -     please call for more info

Please email to request a space and do not assume it is available unless you receive confirmation.
(Please read the drop-in policy area of the FAQ page)


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